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It's Only Just Begun!

Greetings! This is my first blog post and the launch of my art website. I am pretty excited to finally be getting this off the ground. Technology is not always my friend. I am an alright user, but I'm no web-developer. I leave that to my husband. This is the second professional website I have created. My first one being my face painting site. I find creating in the digital space to be much more intimidating than creating artwork. So, having completed this feels like a huge accomplishment in my book. Thank you for visiting my site and thank you for the interest in my art. It is because people have been asking to purchase my work that made me think I might want to set this up. I still have much to learn in terms of offering up originals for sale in my webstore. Rest assured though, I will be offering originals for sale. If you are an artist and have any suggestions for me, I hope you'll comment and let me learn from you. Take care!

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