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Jessica Wheeler -Contemporary Artist 

I'm a Colorado native, wife, mother, and dog lover. I have always been creative and for many years that creative outlet was music. Several years ago, I began with face painting for children's parties, festivals, corporate activities, and other such events. My love of face painting continues to this day. You can still find me painting around town at schools, parties, and festivals.

This beginning sparked my interest and curiosity with other mediums. I began taking classes in figure drawing, a few oil painting classes and workshops, and pure experimentation with water colors, gouache, and most recently alcohol inks. 

My goal with my art is to capture and share beauty. I very much believe that truth, beauty, and goodness are the core components to meaningful living.  John Keats tells us, "Beauty is truth, truth beauty, --that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know."





Alvarez Art School

Independent Art Studies

Mesa State College B.A. History



Peak Show @ The Alvarez Gallery and Art School


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